Jeffrey M Epstein

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With over 25 years working in and with hundreds of hotels and restaurants on everything from strategy and marketing to room and food management, Jeffrey has seen and observed a lot. Moreover the lessons he learnt from running his own business, a founder and longtime Managing Director at Best Loved Hotels, profoundly shaped his views on leadership, management, and the infinite power of change in any organization. Blessed with fabulous mentors, he has spent the last five years honing his coaching and training skills with his Instigate colleagues. A gifted public speaker, he often speaks and writes to groups on the power of change, and uses of new media in marketing. With Jeffrey you get tons of passion and creativity combined with an ability to grasp and simplify things that appear intractable or complicated.

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Press, Articles & Interesting Bits

Lets Get Digital, Boutique Hotelier, February 2016
Jeffrey speaking at AC Tours Annual Meeting, London, January 2016
Tackling Today's Hospitality Hurdles, Boutique Hotelier, August 2015

Inspiration & Ideas

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