Cliff Head Hotel

Death is always traumatic.  In any business; the death of a business main's force, in this case it's founder, even more so. The surviving spouse had never taken an interest in the Hotel. The business was highly leveraged, sales were sagging, and staff morale was non-existent. Worse still the owner's estate was guaranteed to the business. His widow stood to lose not just the roof over her head but everything she owned.

Over a five year period, Instigate turned the business around and created a scenario where the hotel enjoyed its highest annual sales in its history, staff churn was near zero. Ratings and reviews were superlative within its category.

The team was self driving and self motivating. They managed themselves. 

Moreover a strategy was developed and implemented successfully where the banks were paid and the widow kept her home!

“Instigate saved my life and gave me a future.”

Pili Garvey